The following policies are for Beautiful Feet of Chandler, LLC for the 2020-2021 school year.


*Please come back in a few weeks to see the updated payment information. We are changing how we do our tuition. Updated 6/14/2022*

Payments can be made via cash, check, or Venmo. Our Venmo account is: @bfcballet. Payment is required on the first weekend of every month. If a payment is made more than two weeks late, a $10 late fee will be applied to the following month’s tuition. Tuition fees are non-refundable.

Payment is expected monthly regardless of the students attendance.

Waitlist & Attendance

Classes fill quickly, once full, there will be a wait list for new dancers. We are thankful for the interest in our studio, and we ask that all dancers, due to demand, remain committed to attending their classes for the entire year. If your child is unable to participate, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can allow another dancer take their place.

When you registered your child to take class with us it was for the Fall and Spring semester. We operate like a school not a gym. If your student is no longer able to attend, please let us know. There are no refunds. Students that join in January will only be in one class dance. If your child missed most of the classes in the Fall semester they will also only be in one class dance.

Costume Fees

A $40-$60 costume fee, depends on cost, will be required for every student who performs in our spring recital. The costume fee payment must be paid by January. Depending on costume and dance requirements, it may be necessary for parents to purchase additional items such as leotards, tights, hair pieces, etc. This costume fee is non-refundable.


Our end of year recital will likely be held in the middle or end of May. Please plan family vacations or any time away from classes and rehearsals, or the recital, accordingly and notify us as far in advance as possible. We may require extra classes and/or rehearsals for dancers that are performing in the recital but do not attend classes consistently or who miss rehearsal days altogether.

COVID Policies


The Gilbert Community Center, where we’re holding classes, does not require adults or students to wear masks. This is subject to change. Please refer to Gilbert Community Center policies. Teachers may have masks with them in class, but will wear them only if they need to get in close proximity to students (it’s difficult to hear the teacher’s instruction when the teacher is masked!). If you would like your dancer to wear a mask the whole time, that is up to your discretion and we encourage you to do what you think best.

“No Symptom” Policy

Due to present public health concerns, we’ve implemented a “no symptom” policy. We ask that if anyone in your household is sick, all students in your household skip class. Just send us a quick email if anyone has to miss. Also, if a student is showing symptoms while at the community center, we will contact their parent or guardian to come and pick them up so as to limit exposure to other students.

Breaks During Class

We will not be pausing class for restroom or drinking fountain breaks unless it’s absolutely necessary. Please take your dancer to the restroom before class and please bring a labeled water bottle. You taking these steps will help us maximize teaching time and minimize student contact with public facilities.

Non-Dancers in Class

For many reasons, we do not allow parents, siblings, or other guests to stay in class with students once class has begun. Anyone dropping off a student is welcome to enter the classroom before class begins, but should step out as soon that student is settled. Parents or guardians of students ages 3–6 are required to remain onsite at the community center during class. This ensures you are available to assist with restroom runs or anything else your child may need. 

Class Dismissals & Cleaning

As a safety precaution, all classes will be dismissed about five to ten minutes early, to allow for student pickup with minimal crowding, and for sanitization of ballet barres, door handles, etc. We are asking everyone who will be picking up a student to be ready to be called to the classroom as soon as class lets out. This requires you to be onsite ahead of the scheduled end of class. See class schedule below.

Policies & Liability Release

We require a signed liability form per student brought to the first class, or your student will not be permitted. Please give this to Madeline, who will be at the front table, before your child enters class for the first time.