The following policies are for Beautiful Feet of Chandler, LLC for the 2023-2024 school year.


Payments can be made via cash, check, or Venmo. Our Venmo account is: @bfcballet. Payment is required on the first weekend of every month. If a payment is made more than two weeks late, a $10 late fee will be applied to the following month’s tuition. Tuition fees are non-refundable.

Payment is expected monthly regardless of the students attendance.

We do not discount tuition for unattended classes. Please commit to attending classes until the end of the school year. If you are no longer able to attend, you must send a written notice to Any outstanding tuition, plus any incurred late fees, must be paid in full upon cancellation, including for the month in which your cancellation notice is received. You will not be charged tuition for any months remaining in the school year.

Waitlist & Attendance

Classes fill quickly, once full, there will be a wait list for new dancers. We are thankful for the interest in our studio, and we ask that all dancers, due to demand, remain committed to attending their classes for the entire year. If your child is unable to participate, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can allow another dancer take their place.

You are responsible for your child as soon as class is dismissed. Each teacher is immediately responsible for the incoming class.
Please do the teachers a favor by being on-site before your child is dismissed. Unfortunately, younger students cannot be kept in the classroom during the next class, except in emergencies.

If your child missed most of the classes in the Fall or Spring semester it is up to the teacher’s discretion whether or not your child will be able to dance in the recital. We ask that they not miss more than one time per month except in cases of emergencies (we also ask that you notify us if you are going to miss repeatedly), especially leading up to the recital. We understand that things come up, but please communicate with us and be realistic about the commitment you are making by signing up.

Costume Fees

A $20-$30 costume rental fee for our Nutcracker showcase will be due in the middle of October, 2023. A $50–$80 costume fee
will be required for every student who performs in our spring recital and that is due in January 2024. Depending on costume/dance requirements, it may be necessary for parents to purchase additional items such as leotards, tights, hair pieces, etc. The costume fee is non-refundable.


Nutcracker will be on Sunday, December 3rd. Our end of year recital in May of 2024 will be within the first 2 weeks and the exact date will be announced soon. Please plan family vacations or any time away from classes and rehearsals, or the recital, accordingly and notify us as far in advance as possible. We may require extra classes and/or rehearsals for dancers that are performing in the recital but do not attend classes consistently or who miss rehearsal days altogether. We also reserve the right to remove your child(ren) from the recital if they miss too many classes and are not able to keep up with the dance.

Policies & Liability Release

We require a signed liability form per student brought to the first class, or your student will not be permitted. Please give this to Madeline, who will be at the front table, before your child enters class for the first time.